BLF Akemi Star (FB24642)


 Date of Birth: 4/28/2016

Price:  SOLD!!


Date of Birth: 4/28/2016

This bull has done a great job for us and all of our cows are safe in calf bred by him and will be calving over the next few months so we have reluctantly decided to offer him up for sale.  

This young registered bull's sire, Kalanga Red Star 100,  is one of the premier red bulls to come out of the Australian breeding  program with a large frame and breedplan figures well above average.   His dam, Akemi 100, is a large and long cow with an impeccable record of producing healthy and high quality calves. 

One look at BLF Akemi Star reveals that this mating has produced one of the finest examples of heterosis that occurs with the Red/Black  cross. 

He's a great bull and will eat cubes from my hand and let me scratch him all over (after he's done eating his fill)!!    


KR E248 (FB30199)



Date of Birth: 10/17/2017

Price:  $8000

Here is an exceptional young bull out of the Kay Ranch program.  We expect our new Junior Herd Sire will take our program to the next level!

KR E248 boasts an SCD of AA (Highest available) and a tenderness score of 9 (out of a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest possible). He is free of all genetic defects.

His pedigree is a virtual who's who of some of the top lines in the Wagyu breed including KR Frontline, Hirashigetayasu, Kitaguni, Kikuyasu 400, Sanjirou and Michifuku.