JC Ruetani 218


 Date of Birth: 7/18/2016


Price:  $7000

This exceptional heifer's pedigree is 56% Kumamoto red,  35% Tajima, 6% Itozakura, 3% Kedaka.  

She is very feminine and larger  than average.  She has a nice, smooth coat and has been cosmetically  de-horned and is free of all genetic defects.  

Breeding this red/black heifer to BLF Akemi Star in the fall  should produce a very fine calf and also gives us a 25% chance for it  to be red.    

CC MS Itokimichi 5096C


 Date of Birth: 10/09/2015


Price:  SOLD!!

Very  nice full blood 100% black heifer.  Genetic defect free.  Her dam is sired by Itomichi TF 728  who is a son of Itomichi and a grandson of Dai 7 Itozakura, the most  famous bull in Japan.  

Itomichi TF 728's direct dam, CF504, is a  daughter of Itoshigenami TF148 who is known for producing A5 carcasses  with fine, white marbling.  Her direct sire is CC Yomiuri 2726 whose dam  is TBR Tomiko 4 7041.  TBR Tomiko 4 7041T is sired by Bar R 12P who in  the 2017 LMCC Sire Performance Study ranked as the #3 Dam Sire for  Ribeye Area.  

Her dam's full sisters produced off TBR Kimikura 2 9026W,  the Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood Wagyu Heifer and TBR Mitsufuku  9029W, the Grand Champion Fullblood Wagyu Bull at the 2012 National  Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado in January 2012.   



 Date of Birth: 11/28/2016


Price: $8000 cow only - $10000 with heifer calf at side

This young cow's pedigree screams marbling!  Her dam is sired by a superb Sanjirou son - Sanjirou was ranked 3rd highest for marbling in the 2006 US Wagyu Sire Summary.    Many have agreed that he may be the most influential Tajima line bull as he not only excels in size but also overall carcass quality.  

If Sanjirou in her dam's pedigree isn't enough, add World K's Kitaguni Jr, Michifuku and World K's Takazakura as icing on the cake!

Her sire is none other than the great Kikuyasu 400.  Kikuyasu 400 semen is almost impossible to find, let alone afford as one unit has sold for over $1000 in public auctions.  

Kikuyasu 400 has been said to be the largest 100% Tajima full blood bull to be exported from Japan.       



Date of Birth:  09/13/2014

JC Sanjirou 58  x  JC MS Tak 61

Price:  $5500 

Very fine young cow with an impressive pedigree full of high marbling sires.

This is a good sized young cow, weighing in at just under 1000 lbs.

She has Sanjirou, Michifuku and Takazakura in her pedigree, not too mention JVP Kikuyasu 400 on the top side.

Kikuyasu 400 semen is almost impossible to find, let alone afford as one unit has sold for over $1000 in public auctions.  

Kikuyasu 400 has been said to be the largest 100% Tajima full blood bull to be exported from Japan.       



Date of Birth:  11/1/2015

Heart Brand Red Emperor  x  BLB MS Taiho 1313

Price:  $5000 cow only - $7000 with bull calf at side

Nice red/black female sired by Red Emperor.  Mating with BLF Akemi Star will result in an even stronger red/black pedigree in her next calf.   

Her dam is a daughter of World K's Michifuku with strong Tajima bloodlines.

Tested free of all known genetic conditions.



Date of Birth:  07/07/2009

LMR Toshiro 1/3 x LMR MS Sanjirou 4P 704T

Price:  $7000

This is a massive powerhouse of a cow that is a sure thing for improving any Wagyu program.  

She has the genetics for marbling, growth and milk, as well as feed efficiency.

We are breeding this 100% black cow to our phenomenal red/black herd sire BLF Akemi Star which should produce an exceptional large framed calf.

JC MS 13M 88



Date of Birth:  09/14/2013

005 Shigefuku 13M x JC MS Takazakura

Price:  $7000 Cow Only, $10000 with heifer calf at side

This is a very well put together cow with a nice frame and she is a good milker, weighing in at 1075 lbs.

The sire of this cow 005 Shigefuku 13M is sired by the highest content Kedaka bull outside Japan, 005 Shigefuku J1822.

Shigefuku 13M is a good marbling bull and is known to be smooth made and produces excellent females.  

Kitateruyasudoi J2810is also found in the pedigree is known to increase frame and has sired some of the top marbling bulls in the US.

This beautiful cow's dam is by Takazakura and Michifuku.  Michifuku's sire, Monjiro 11550 is listed by Kenichi Ono as #7 on his list of the Top 15 most outstanding Wagyu of Japan while Takazakura has the famous Yasafuku 930 in his pedigree, which sired the top 3 marbling sires in Japan.

JC MS 13M 88 has a nice heifer calf at side born on 3/20/19.  We will accept a down payment to hold either the cow or calf until weaning if you aren't interested in the pair.